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This revolutionary program of self-improvement, movement and fitness is flying through the USA, Europe and the World. 

Who created it?

Frank Wildman, CFT, PhD, Founder and Director of the Feldenkrais Movement Institute.

Based on the pioneering Feldenkrais® Method, this program works on the principles of childhood development newly applied to adults to use the body and brain to move and feel younger, stronger and more fit.

How is it taught?

Classes and workshops – no specialized equipment or clothing – just a floor, a mat, a chair and your brain and body.

The easy to learn movement sequences in the Change Your Age™ Program will help you break away from physically limiting habits and enable you to once again experience the feelings you had at your best and perhaps your most youthful moments.

You will learn a series of simple, but powerful exercises that will actually train the brain to send the correct signals to the body so it begins to move in a healthier, stronger, more coordinated and graceful manner.

“I can testify to the effectiveness and brilliance of these lessons.
I felt fifteen years younger, all those niggly aches and pains disappeared
and the movements were easy to learn – truly a brilliant program.”

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