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How is it taught?

-     ongoing classes and workshops / retreats

What is it?

-     Embodied Meditation, based on the practice of Silent Sitting. A strong emphasis is placed on a quality of openness to 'what is’.

-     Embodied Movement is based primarily on the teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais. The vast array of movement experiments creates a template for aware actions, a reliable infrastructure for developing presence and helps de-anchor mental and emotional patterning (see Feldenkrais page).

-     Embodied Inquiry is a way of exploring the somatic reality within each thought, belief, emotion and feeling. These practices are rooted in the Focusing work of Eugene Gendlin, PhD.

Who created and developed The Embodied Life™ Teachings?

-     Russell Delman. Visit RussellDelman.com to learn about the Embodied Life™ School that is dedicated to human transformation and Integrative learning.

 “I cannot think of anything better than spending a few days in silent sitting, moving with awareness in a Feldenkrais lesson and then experiencing a Focusing session with a partner. The mental, physical and emotional transformation is quite extraordinary and it works quickly – I have witnessed dramatic changes in a short time. In my training group, I made so many dear friends all of whom are dedicated to study and practice of these methods of self-transformation and commited to a path of awakening and living using these methodologies.”

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