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Based on the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning

How do you say Pilates?


What is it?

Pilates is not expensive stretching and fancy sit-ups. It is a movement system that is:

-    core based – centered – controlled – fluent – flowing – focused

-    fearless – flexible – coordinated – energetic – graceful – precise

-    slow – stabilizing – oppositional – paradoxical – ethereal – elegant

It encourages focused rhythmic breathing to develop stamina, endurance and mental focus.

Many words to describe a formula of exercises borrowed from Yoga, Dance, Gymnastics and Weight Training yet it also includes original movements that distinguish it from other disciplines.

How do I teach it?

Although I am a Certified Instructor of the Classical Pilates Method, I find that once a client has a good grounding in Pilates they need more in their fitness routine. I like to design workouts that include the core-based method of Pilates but add cardio / circuit-training element to the routine. I include the physio ball – kettlebells – medicine ball – ankle and wrist weights – rollers and sliders. All my workouts have a different edge to them using these varied tools so that the client gets an all round workout designed to set them up for whatever their life challenges are. I have trained all ages from 13 to 80 years of age, and many types of people –  marathon runners, cricketers, surfers, dancers, lawyers, doctors, artists, engineers – all people with different ambitions and goals for their fitness needs. 

“As an avid snowboarder and my newfound love for surfing, I have discovered from doing traditional Pilates for over 12 years, I have developed core strength and the ability to stay steady through balance, which is key when practicing these sports. Although Pilates is the reason I developed better balance and stamina, I felt I needed to add more cardio to my routine and that is what I discovered through my practice with ๖-Sel Nyima. She offers an aggressively challenging approach to her workout. ๖-Sel has introduced me to a series of cardi๖ / Pilates based exercises using a medicine ball, balance ball, ankle / leg weights, kettlebells, sliders and even a kali stick. The intensive circuit training touches every muscle group through her intensive sessions, which she adjusts you throughout your workout. I never end my session without a downpour of sweat and feel exhilarated by the end. I now have been training with  ๖-Sel for over 4 years and appreciate the programs she devises especially for my level and understands where I lack and creates workouts to help where I need help. ๖-Sel has completely changed my life; I am more relaxed and sleep better at night. My strength, performance and level of confidence while snowboarding have excelled. My first experience of surfing was spectacular as I got up on the board during my first tryout. Thanks to ๖-Sel, I have found the only addiction in life to have is my personal sessions with her. Oh and she is EVIL so watch out, cos she does not accept WHINERS.”

Danica Polack, Owner of a Fashion Sales Rep Agency

“As a dancer and restaurant professional, I have loved taking Pilates for years. I have also had the pleasure of working with many top instructors. I have loved working with ๖-Sel because of her straightforward no-nonsense approach to the Pilates Method. She is a very tough instructor while being sensitive and aware of everybody’s individual needs. Plus she has a great sense of humor which helps get one through some of her
more wicked ideas of Pilates exercises."

Carolyn DeFir

 “๖-Sel has made me sweat and groan and hurt and I think she might have even made me cry a couple of times. She is simply the most physically demanding of instructors I have ever had. But the other thing about ๖-Sel is her supremely serene demeanor. She never raises her voice, she is never aggressive and she is always, always funny. So even as you are contorting yourself into some frightful pose, she talks to you as though you are getting a massage. It is very strange and maybe sneaky but her calmness convinces you that of course you can do a teaser with a ball between your legs or 10 more push-ups or another round of side bends. If she is smiling at you
like some sort of angel, then of course you are up for kneeling side legs. I try and fail to hate ๖-Sel,
and I always come back for more.”

Karen Valby, Writer

"As a 58-year-old marathon runner, I began Pilates in April 2006 after several failed attempts to increase my fitness by working with a personal trainer. Under the tutelage of Ms. ๖-Sel Nyima, Pilates has made a huge difference to my physical and mental well-being. The most significant improvement has been to my flexibility and core strength. Caution: working with ๖-Sel is not for wimps. She is tough, and she will push to get the best out of you. 
My goal is to run a marathon (26.2 miles) in each of the States. In 2006 I ran 23 marathons, 8 more
than I planned. My thanks to Ms. Nyima for keeping me motivated, focused and able to achieve
mental and physical levels beyond my expectations."

Ben Navarrete, Verizon Executive

ฉ 2011 ๖-Sel Nyima